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Bar & Restaurant  | 10–12 College Street, Petersfield  GU31 4AD

Established 1997  |   Sarah and Jerry Hicks

The Hicks’ welcoming, popular and successful Petersfield

Folly Bar and Restaurant at street level.

Open from 9.00 am to past midnight every day.

The Folly is spacious and light, and forms a corner stone of the Folly Market. It was opened twenty years ago by Jerry and Sarah Hicks where they created an iconic wine bar in Petersfield. Today, Sarah continues to make all customers very welcome...

The Bar and Restaurant entrance is at street level and is open all day – the customers are a happy reflection of life in Petersfield.

The early morning coffee and breakfast regulars start the days off, the relaxed atmosphere continues to lunch and then runs through the afternoon into the evening with the bar and restaurant closing around midnight most days of the week.

In the summer there's pavement seating throughout the day.

Folly Bar Downstairs

Folly Downstairs Bar and Restaurant

Champagne & Sparkling

Sparklers are great food wines as generally they have a mouth-watering quality that makes them an ideal partner for fish and other seafood, as well as light chicken dishes, salads and many lightly-flavoured starters.

White | very dry, delicate, light

Delicately flavoured, crisp, generally with a very dry finish. Ideally suited to partner light, delicately flavoured dishes, particularly fish, shellfish and light salads. They are particularly good with Mediterranean dishes.

White | dry, herbaceous or aromatic

Great with white fish, chicken and other white meat dishes, particularly when cooked with green herbs or in creamy sauces. The most aromatic and less dry wines work well with lightly spiced dishes.

White | juicy, fruity or ripe

Richly flavoured with the attention firmly on their ripe, often, tropical fruit character. They have the weight of flavour to cope with strongly flavoured seafood, chicken and pork dishes which may be lightly spiced or have light creamy sauces.

White | full-flavoured, nutty, oaked White

Complex with spicy notes complementing the ripe fruit flavours. The European wines are delicious with seafood and all but the darkest meats with butter or cream-based sauces, whilst the richer ‘new world’ examples match well with even spicier and richer sauces.


Rosés can range from being very dry to very sweet and this is key to partnering them with food, they can be quite flexible with food as long as the sweetness level of the dish is matched. Chicken, fish and summer-cuisine can all be enhanced with a chilled glass.

Red | simple, fruity

Lightly structured with gentle red-fruit flavours these are the most flexible reds to match with food. Great with tomato-based sauces and many southern European dishes based around vegetables, chicken, pork or salmon.

Red | juicy, medium-bodied

With their juicy fruit character these wines make great partners for fuller-flavoured pork and chicken dishes particularly those with dark, rich sauces. Delicious with grilled lamb, roast beef, game, char-grilled vegetables or baked pasta.

Red | spicy, warming, peppery

Their spicy character and often rich, fruity style make them a good selection with strongly flavoured beef and lamb dishes. The richest, ripest wines, when paired with spicy foods, act as if to turn the

heat up.

Red | oaked, intense, concentrated

Intensely flavoured wines, a match for full-flavoured lamb, beef and strongly flavoured game dishes. The elegant style of the wines from the top European regions can partner quite simply prepared dishes.


White wine at Folly Downstairs


A Beaulolais at Folly Downstairs Petersfield
Wine selection at Folly Downstairs wine shop